The efforts of the government of the Republic of Egypt to save energy in the production, transmission, distribution and end-use of electricity require significant contributions from a large number of stakeholders. Among these stakeholders are the nine electricity distribution companies (DISCOs) and the customers of their service areas.

According to the Electricity Law of 2015 (87/2015), DISCOs are obliged to develop and implement annual plans for electricity saving measures and addition of renewable-energy-based generation capacity at their network voltage levels. The plans shall then be evaluated and are subject to approval by the Egyptian regulator as a precondition to renew the DISCOs’ distribution licenses.

Accordingly, on behalf of BMZ, the GIZ project ’Egyptian-German Joint Committee on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection’ (JCEE), together with its partner institution the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, organized a high-level workshop at the end of April to discuss the development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) and to present international experience. The nine DISCOs have participated in this workshop and showed great interest in further elaborating a common approach of preparing, implementing and reporting of SEAPs with the support of JCEE.

Following the workshop, JCEE will actively support two pilot DISCOs in developing annual SEAPs and thus meet their legal requirements. The primary focus will be on: management of electric power demand; improving the electric efficiency of customer appliances; promotion of increased renewable energy utilization at the demand side; and raising awareness of power usage efficiency.


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