Awareness & Communication

One of JCEE’s working fields is cross-departmental development in the electricity sector’s communication, with an emphasis on energy efficiency. While the government has been engaged in gradually removing subsidies from 2014 till 2020, energy efficiency has become a critical issue that the sector needs to communicate to the public. The Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy has already adopted measures to promote energy efficiency, one of which is an awareness campaign launched in 2016 called “You are the solution”. Another measure is the drafting of energy efficiency strategies and action plans, including the Sustainable Energy Strategy 2035 and the second National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (2018-2020).

JCEE’s role is aimed at the reduction of electricity consumption through the development and implementation of awareness campaigns and improving the capacities of concerned governmental institutions for communication on energy efficiency. This includes the provision of capacity building measures to personnel of key state institutions. JCEE’s actions will provide a sound basis for the evaluation of the effectiveness of such campaigns to facilitate the development of further campaigns and approaches on the side of our partners.

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