Renewable Energy

According to the Sustainable Energy Strategy to 2035, Egypt has a national target to produce 20% of the electricity from renewable energy (RE) resources by 2022 and 42% by 2035 as stated in the Strategic Partnership on Energy between the European Union and Egypt. This goal demonstrates the importance given to RE for Egypt’s secure future.

The New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA), established in 1986, under the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (MoERE), acts as the national focal point responsible for the management and operation of RE resources in Egypt. Since its establishment, JCEE has collaborated with MoERE, NREA, and other affiliated governmental bodies to establish a successful ground for RE in the country. One important tool for the expansion of RE in Egypt was the development of the Feed-in-Tariff scheme.


As indicated on NREA’s official website the total capacities currently owned by NREA amount to 750 MW from wind farms, mostly situated at Zafarana, and 140 MW from solar plants, distributed among hybrid concerted solar plants (CSP) and photovoltaic (PV) systems. In addition, another 340 MW of wind turbines are currently under construction at Gulf of El Zayt. There are more than 4,000 MW of RE targeted by the Egyptian government in the coming few years, particularly at the Benban solar park, which will host up to 2GW of PV power plants from a very wide range of different operators.

Together with its partners JCEE worked on a considerable amount of topics in RE, such as (1) support in setting-up the first feed-in-tariff scheme for RE in Egypt; (2) the improvement of the quality infrastructure for PV installations via in-depth trainings for 225 companies qualified by NREA; (3) supporting specialized units in RE and EE in the Egyptian electricity distribution companies with trained experts; and (4) the draft of a regulatory contract for grid access for private power plant operators in the context of the on-going electricity market liberalization.

In this context, JCEE is committed to working together with its partners on the continuous improvement of RE policies and conditions through consultation services and capacity building. Being a part of recent developments in the energy sector, current work fields of the cooperation between NREA and JCEE include:

Quality infrastructure

Objective: NREA’s special role and responsibilities in the improvement of technologies for RE and EE is strengthened;

Introducing a certification scheme of PV installers that adheres to international standards and ensures quality assurance of PV installations;

Supporting and driving the market of PV systems through attractive financial incentives and mechanisms;

Capacity building for PV technicians and entrepreneurs through tailored training modules covering different aspects of business development and PV technologies; and

Supporting and promoting NREA’s labs for PV, energy efficiency, and solar water heaters

Organizational development

Objective: NREA fully assumes its duties and responsibilities according to the present work needs;

Alignment according to recently issued presidential decrees and amendments;

Management efficiency and effectiveness; and

Development of human resources

Renewable Energy

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