A Chula Vista Attorney Can Help With a Variety of Legal Matters


A chula vista attorney can assist in a variety of legal matters, including divorce and custody disputes. They can also help clients with property division, such as dividing a marital home or car. They may also help with corporate legal issues such as employment law compliance. They can also file trademark applications. Source: https://www.morenoandassociates.com/

A murder charge is a serious matter, and it can affect the lives of the defendant and the victim’s family members. Having an experienced murder lawyer on your side can make all the difference. You should contact an experienced chula vista murder attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.

Protecting Your Rights: Expertise of a Chula Vista Attorney

The City Attorney is an elected position, thanks to a ballot measure passed in 2008. Before that, the City Attorney was appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Many supporters of the measure argued that electing the City Attorney would make it more likely to fight unethical behavior at City Hall.

There are three candidates running to be Chula Vista’s next city attorney in a special election that starts Monday. The top two vote-getters from last year’s special election are in the runoff — Bart Miesfeld and Marco Verdugo. The election was called after Simon Silva won the race in 2022 but died just two months before Election Day. His name could not be removed from the ballot, so voters are selecting a replacement for him.

The Chula Vista-based firm of Correa Law Firm, APC, assists businesses and individuals in the area with commercial and civil litigation. Its services include drafting and reviewing business contracts, resolving employment law disputes and helping clients register for federal trademarks. Its attorneys have more than 65 years of combined experience in asset forfeiture and seizures, DUI defense and border arrests.

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