Kia’s EV6 Gets a Bigger Battery

ev6 battery size

Kia’s ev6 battery size car is one of the longest-range dedicated all-battery models on the market. Its bigger battery should help it close the gap to more high-end rivals like the Tesla Model X and Porsche Taycan.

Using DC rapid chargers, the EV6 can charge to 80% in just 18 minutes. That’s a huge leap from the 5.7-hour charge time of the EV6’s original 2022 model year release.

The 2025 EV6 adds a new, 84-kilowatt-hour battery pack to the mix. That should boost range by 10% or more, past the current peak EPA estimate of 254 miles for RWD versions and 310 miles for dual-motor AWD GT variants.

EV6 Battery Size: Detailed Specifications

In addition to its EV charging capabilities, the EV6 can also power up home appliances using its 3.6-kW AC inlet. This could help owners offset some of the higher running costs associated with electric cars by reducing electricity bills and cutting CO2 emissions at home.

It can also be charged at 7 or 11 kW L2 home chargers to reduce charging times. This slower approach is recommended by some EV specialists who say that slow charge temperatures and the lower current levels better look after batteries over the long term.

The EV6’s all-battery design allows it to be incredibly spacious in the back. Kia claims there’s enough room for a full-size 3-row rear seat and enough legroom for a 6-foot-3 adult up front to sit with their knees just touching the firewall. That’s much more room than the comparable Hyundai Ioniq 5 and far more space than you’d expect to find in a large SUV.

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